Ballast Nedam Marks Its 500th Foundation

In just over 2 months Ballast Nedam Offshore has installed 47 out of 80 monopiles on the Butendiek Offshore Wind Farm. The installation works started at the 1st of April and on the 10th of June monopile no. 47 was installed.

Ballast Nedam Marks Its 500th Foundation

This demonstrates the reliable approach based on one of the best proven installation concepts in combination with one of the most dedicated project teams on the market.

This monopile does not only reflect the significant progress on the Butendiek offshore wind farm it also is a remarkable milestone for Ballast Nedam. Being the first one ever to design and construct “tubular” piles as foundations for offshore wind turbines Ballast Nedam has installed its 500th foundation.

At the early near shore wind farms the weights ranged in between 63 and 89 tons. Last year monopiles with weights up to 930 tons were installed. This illustrates the tremendous development of foundation dimensions and the offshore wind industry since first these first near shore projects.

The foundation works are part of WPD’s Butendiek offshore wind farm which is located in the German Bight, 32 kilometer west of the German island Sylt. The water depth at the Butendiek offshore wind farm is in between 17 meter and 22 meter. The wind farm consists of 80 turbines, each with a capacity of 3.6 MW, 288 MW in total.

At the Butendiek offshore wind farm Ballast Nedam is responsible for the total foundation scope, design up to and including the installation. The design of the foundation is made in-house and Ballast Nedam is supplying the foundations via their suppliers E.E.W. and Bladt. From the marshalling harbour Esbjerg Ballast Nedam is using a feeder concept bringing the monopiles to the main installation vessel Svanen which remains at Sea. This method has been optimized over recent years resulting in highly effective installation cycles. The transition pieces of which 6 are installed are transported using the Jumbo Javelin.

Press Release, June 13, 2014

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