Baltic Exchange Reaches Deal with Panellists

In light of the potential acquisition of London’s Baltic Exchange by Singapore Exchange (SGX), the Baltic Exchange today sent an agreement to each of its 48 shipbroking panellists for signature, which documents and reinforces existing processes established by the exchange and the panellists.

The proposed agreement, which will become effective on and subject to completion of the acquisition, formalises the relationship between the Baltic Exchange and its panellists which has been developed over more than 30 years.

The proposed agreement follows extensive discussions with panellists and stakeholders and will now facilitate the finalisation of an offer for the Baltic by SGX.

The Baltic Board expects this agreement to be welcomed by the panellists as it offers both parties, end-users and the wider Baltic membership assurance with regard to the future production and governance of the Baltic indices.

“Formalising the arrangements between the Baltic Exchange and its panellists is an important step that enables the offer discussions with the Singapore Exchange to move forward,” Baltic Exchange Chairman Guy Campbell said.

“Baltic Exchange information underpins the global bulk shipping markets and this agreement will also provide a higher level of certainty to end-users of the information,” he added.