Baltic Pipe: Key onshore section ready for start-up

The key onshore section of the Baltic Pipe is ready for start-up and gasification after completing the technical acceptance of the second section of the Goleniów – Lwówek gas pipeline.

Baltic Pipe
Courtesy of GAZ-SYSTEM

GAZ-SYSTEM has completed the technical acceptance of the Goleniów – Ciecierzyce gas pipeline 30 days before the planned date.

The acceptance was made after positive hydraulic tests and the geometric piston test. The next stage will be commissioning, according to GAZ-SYSTEM.

The 122-kilometre Goleniów – Ciecierzyce route passes through ten communes in the Wielkopolskie and Zachodniopomorskie provinces.

At the same time, this is a part of the Baltic Pipe where the most trenchless crossings have been made.

It is the second section of the Goleniów – Lwówek gas pipeline, which has a total length of 191 kilometres. 

The technical acceptance for the first section, the 69-kilometre Ciecierzyce – Lwówek gas pipeline, was completed earlier this month.

Now, the key onshore section of the Baltic Pipe is ready for start-up and gasification, which is set to start on 1 October, as reported previously.

Earlier this week, technical acceptance of the first stage of the gas compressor station expansion in Odolanów, Poland, was also completed.

This compressor station is said to be the largest of the built and extended compressor stations in the framework of the Baltic Pipe.

To remind, Danish transmission system operator Energinet announced at the end of April that it had completed all work on the Baltic Pipe project in the North Sea.

The 274-kilometre Baltic Pipe is scheduled for full commissioning on 1 January 2023 at a full annual capacity of up to 10 BCM.

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