Bandar Abbas Port Authority Initiates Construction of Khamir Port

Bandar Abbas Port Authority Initiates Construction of Khamir Port

The feasibility study for construction of Khamir port has come to an end, an official of the Bandar Abbas port authority said.

The official also said that the study started with a fund of a $200000 in 2008 and the call for participation in the bid for the first phase of the project has already been issued. Khamir port which is envisaged to be a multi-purpose one is going to be constructed in Hormozgan province (in the south of the country bordering Persian Gulf).

The first phase of Khamir port project consist of construction of a 620-m breakwater and an access bridge to berths and construction of multipurpose berths with a total length of 100 m. the fund procured for the first phase amounts to $ 20 million.

The project has been phased in three stages. The second phase will constitute marine related works and the third phase will involve yard preparation which is expected to be executed by the private sector investment.

The main objective behind the construction of this multipurpose port is to provide necessary services to commercial and fishing vessels and encourage economic activities for local residents, an official said.

Khamir port is located in 75 km to Bandar Abbas port with an ideal position from the fishing and commercial point of view. Construction of this port will contribute to economic prosperity in the region.


PMO, February 25, 2013