Photo: Image courtesy of Barillec Marine

Barillec propulsion system ordered for French LNG dredger

The Socarenam shipyard has contracted Barillec Marine to deliver the LNG/Diesel-electric propulsion system and the water injection dredging system for the Dragages Ports and Bordeaux port Atlantique dredger.

This contract involves the design and supply of the main panel for hybrid energy production, of the main and auxiliary dual-fuel/electric propulsion and an innovative energy conversion system.

The two main propulsion assemblies will each include an electric motor with a nominal power of 1,200kW.

The Bow thruster auxiliary propulsion system will comprise an electric motor with a nominal power of 400kW.

The two dredging pumps will each have the power output of 500kW.

The system will enable the new dredger to be propelled mainly by LNG, liquefied natural gas, and secondarily by light marine diesel.

The newbuild LNG-fueled dredger will be called L’Ostrea is planned to replace the grab hopper dredger La Maqueline in the summer of 2019.