Basque Energy Cluster to Support PLATOON Project

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The Basque Energy Cluster (Asociación Cluster de Energía, ACE) will coordinate the industrial dissemination activities of PLATOON (Digital PLAtform and analytic TOOls for eNergy) project.

PLATOON is a project financed by the European Commission under the H2020 Research and Innovation Framework Programme.

ENGIE (France) is the project leader and TECNALIA will play the role of Technical Coordinator. The consortium also includes other relevant Basque companies as GIROA and SISTEPLANT.

In the kick-off meeting of PLATOON, that took place on 16-17th of January in Paris, the partners explained their role in the project and agreed on the planning for the management, technical and communication tasks to be carried out in the next 3 years.

The objective of PLATOON is to deploy distributed/edge processing and data analytics technologies for optimized real-time energy system management in a simple way for the energy domain expert. The data governance among the different stakeholders for multi-party data exchange, knowledge sharing and cooperation in the energy value chain will be guaranteed through IDS (International Data Space) based connectors.

The different deliverables and results of the project should allow data sharing and usage among data owners (asset owners, renewable energy developers, OEMs) and data users (components manufacturers, service providers, ICT developers, academia, . . .), thus creating benefits for companies in all segments of the energy value chains. The architecture to be defined, the analytical tools to be developed and the data governance standards to be implemented will facilitate data sharing and cooperation all along the energy value chains, with the aim of generating real value out of the data collected from the energy assets.

The main role of ACE in PLATOON will be to contribute to the definition and implementation of the communication and dissemination strategy. Specifically, ACE will lead the “Industrial dissemination” task, focused on addressing companies that may be potential users and/or customers of the project results. One of the main target segments of these dissemination activities are component manufacturers: thanks to the platforms and tools to be developed these companies will have access to data provided by Data owners, allowing them to analyse those data in order to improve their designs and extend the products lifecycle.

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