Bawat Water Technologies and Damen Green Solutions join hands on mobile BWMS

Ballast water management solutions provider Bawat Water Technologies and Damen Green Solutions, a member of the Dutch Damen Shipyards Group, have signed a Term Sheet to create a joint venture in the field of ballast water treatment systems.

Image credit Bawat

The joint venture will merge Damen’s InvaSave program with Bawat technology to create a mobile, containerized system called “InvaSave powered by Bawat Technology”.

The joint venture aims to meet the demand for mobile ballast water treatment systems, which is increasing due to the International Maritime Organization’s deadline to implement a ballast water treatment system by September 2024.

Mobile ballast water management systems are an excellent solution for ships that do not have such a system on board. There are at least 20,000 – 25,000 vessels still needing to comply with international ballast water treatment legislation in the near future, according to Bawat’s estimates.

Last year, the two companies signed a cooperation agreement whereby Damen Green Solutions, part of Damen Shipyards Group, took on the sale, assembly, and promotion of Bawat’s green ship-based ballast water management systems to Damen customers. 

We see that the mobile solutions for ballast water treatment have generated a lot of interest from ports and operators, primarily for two reasons”, says Rutger van Dam, Sales Manager Damen Green Solutions. 

“First, we are approaching the deadline set by the International Maritime Organization (IMO) to implement a ballast water treatment system by September 2024. Secondly, many vessels currently have faulty systems on board that need to be replaced before the deadline. Bawat and Damen are ready to provide and offer the greenest high end mobile solution in the market to treat ballast water. With joining forces Damen and Bawat can offer a mobile solution which is suited for all markets worldwide.”

There is a growing interest in Bawat’s mobile ballast water treatment system from ports and harbours. This is in particular arising from a contingency need for ballast water treatment due to existing faulty onboard BWMS but we are also seeing a business demand from planned ballast water treatment  in ports typically for those with multiple vessels that don’t need to treat ballast water frequently. By working with a global player like Damen gives Bawat a significant endorsement of the effectiveness of our ballast water management system and our company’s commitment to green solutions,” Marcus Hummer, CEO at Bawat added.