BC First Nations Hold LNG Summit in Fort St. John

BC First Nations Hold LNG Summit in Fort St. John

First Nations leaders and representatives from government and industry switched places to help understand different perspectives around proposed liquefied natural gas (LNG) projects across northern B.C.

A group of First Nations leaders visited a natural gas extraction site while government and industry visited the historic Charlie Lake Cave, which features cave paintings up to 11,000 years old to learn about First Nations culture and history.

The visits were part of the First Nations LNG Summit. Hosted by Treaty 8 Tribal Association, it is taking place in Fort St John until February 19. The event is designed to give First Nations leaders the information and ideas they need to help their communities to make balanced and informed decisions about LNG development.

Speaking at the event, Chief Roland Willson of the West Moberly First Nations, one of the Treaty 8 Nations, said: “This event is all about helping First Nations to better understand liquefied natural gas, and helping government and industry to better understand the perspective of First Nations.

“Getting people out into the real world to see what is happening is a good way to build that understanding on the first day of the summit.”

Delegates will participate in a series of expert keynote talks and practical workshop sessions.

Press Release, February 18, 2014; Image: FN LNG Strategy