BEEAs: IHC’s Trencher Nominated for Mechanical Product of the Year (VIDEO)

BEEAs IHC's Trencher Nominated for Mechanical Product of the Year

IHC Merwede’s Hi-Traq subsea trencher, specifically designed for offshore wind farm operations, has been nominated for the Mechanical Product of the Year Award at the British Engineering Excellence Awards (BEEAs), which will take place tomorrow in London. 

The company introduced its innovative trenching technology in June as the world’s first four-tracked subsea trencher. The trencher is specifically developed for shallow water operations and targeted towards cable burial in offshore wind sector.

This remotely operated vehicle also has a high level of manoeuvrability, with four-track undercarriage enabling it to climb slopes with gradients of up to 20 degrees. This high traction functionality gives the vehicle its name.

Check out the video:

Offshore WIND Staff, Image: video screenshot