Bergen Group Names New CEO

Bergen Group Names New CEO

The board of directors in Bergen Group ASA has appointed Asle Solheim (54) is the position as new CEO for the Group.  Solheim replaces Terje Arnesen who has requested resignation from the position. The change takes effect as of today. The new CEO has an extensive background in various management positions within the offshore industry, both nationally and internationally.

The change in the corporate top management is considered, both by the chairman of the board Magnus Stangeland and former CEO Terje Arnesen, as a natural effect of the process which the group has been through the past year.

“Bergen Group is in the process of finalizing a major restructuring that will give the group a healthy and exciting platform for future growth. Now we are strengthening the focus on future offshore-related growth based on the established industrial area on Hanøytangen. In this context, there has been a consensus on strengthening the offshore-related expertise in the corporate management. Asle Solheim will as the new CEO be a significant contribution to the increased emphasis on the offshore segment”, says Chairman Magnus Stangeland.

The new CEO of Bergen Group has extensive experience from national and international leadership and board positions within the offshore industry. Asle Solheim has for the last six years held the position as CEO of the Marine Accurate Well ASA (Maracc). He also has extensive experience from various management positions within ABB Offshore Systems AS and ABB Vetco Gray AS in Norway as well as abroad. In addition, Solheim has management- and project experience from both Island Offshore AS and FMC Production Services AS.

Asle Solheim is a graduate from the University of Wisconsin at Madison. He is originally from Flekkefjord in Norway, and now living in Stavanger.

The former CEO, Terje Arnesen has agreed to continue in Bergen Group until July in order to assist the group in finalizing some of the ongoing processes.

Bergen Group is a Norway-based supplier of products, services and solutions to the offshore and maritime industry. The Group has 1,000 experienced and motivated employees working in well established companies strategically located in key areas along the coast of Norway.

 May 7, 2013