Black Marlin starts Seizmic program on Kenya Block L17/18

Black Marlin Energy Holdings Limited announces that Black Marlin Energy Ltd., a subsidiary of the Corporation, East Africa Exploration, a subsidiary of the Corporation and the Operator, and the majority partner of the Kenya offshore concessions L17 and L18, have commenced mobilization of their shallow water seismic shoot.

The 2D seismic project of 400 line kilometers over previously identified leads, will take approximately 5 weeks to complete. The survey will utilize purpose built shallow water vessels that will allow for acquisition to be completed in water depths as shallow as 2m. Data processing will be conducted on location to accelerate evaluation and consequently enable program extension if warranted. The new acquisition is designed to further substantiate potential drilling targets in the Mombasa East and Wasini Leads. Mombasa is Kenya’s second largest city and a ready market for any hydrocarbons produced in the vicinity.

Having completed the transition to a public company listed on the TSX Venture Exchange, the Corporation is embarking on a period of intense exploration activity which it anticipates will result in a significant increase in shareholder value.


Source: Blackmarlinenergy,April 13,2010;