Blue Corridor 2014 NGV rally rolls out

Blue Corridor 2014 NGV rally rolls out

The international OEM-produced natural gas-fuelled vehicles rally “Blue Corridor-2014” was kicked-off in a festive mood on couple of days ago. 

This year the start of the rally coincided with the opening ceremony of Saint-Petersburg international gas forum. Gazprom CEO Alexey Miller gave the rally a symbolic “green light”.

Major organizers of the rally are Gazprom Export, Gazprom Gas-Engine Fuel, and E.ON Global Commodities.

The participants of the “Blue Corridor-2014” will drive along the motorways of Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, the Czech Republic, Germany, Austria, Italy, Slovenia, Croatia, Serbia, Hungary, Slovakia and Belarus, covering altogether over 6000 km, and finishing on 31st October. This particular route has been chosen deliberately — many of those states have been already demonstrating significant demand of natural gas as motor fuel; the others, as expected, will show substantial demand growth in the future. Moreover, the envisaged huge benefits to these countries are linked to the use of natural gas as bunkering fuel for marine vessels.

Round table expert discussions will be held during the stops in Tartu, Riga, Vilnius, Poznan, Plzen, Nuremberg, Milan, Ljubljana, Belgrade, Budapest and Minsk, where the representatives of gas industry and car manufacturers, politicians, ecologists and motor fans will be able to share their views on various aspects of the developing NGV market in Europe.

Next stop where the Round table takes place is Tartu, Estonia.


Press Release, October 9, 2014; Image: Gazprom Export

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