Blue Water Shipping Delivers Anchor Chains to Bluewater Energy

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Blue Water Shipping Delivers Anchor Chains to Bluewater Energy2

Blue Water Shipping has extensive experience with handling anchor chains used in mooring systems of floating offshore transfer or production system.

From a logistic point of view, handling of chains requires smooth execution to minimize time consumption.

“We have provided services to ensure timely load out of chains and anchors onto Anchor Handling Tug Supply (AHTS) vessels for our Holland based client Bluewater Energy Services B.V. which specialises in design, manufacturing and installation of floating production, storage or transfer systems. The chains arrived in the Port of Niterói in five batches and we have loaded five AHTS vessels in total carrying more than 9,000 meters of anchor chain”, says Tiago Bitiu, Sales Manager from Blue Waters Rio de Janeiro office.

The chains arrived from the Brazilian manufacturer on local barges. In the port, the chains were stretched in the storage area before winding onto the ATHS. Simutaneously, 16 tons of anchors arrived to the port in two parts, and these anchors were assembled prior to load on the deck of the AHTS.

This project is part of the construction of an oil transfer and export terminal system in the Campos Basin at a water depth of 70 meters for the Brazilian Company Petrobras.


Press Release, September 02, 2013


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