Boskalis Pools Offshore Energy Offering Under One Name

Boskalis has presented its integrated service portfolio for the offshore energy market under one single brand name.

As a result, Dockwise, Fairmount and VBMS, subsidiaries of Royal Boskalis Westminster N.V., will continue to offer their services under the brand name Boskalis.

The re-branding procedure was started with the re-naming of the semi-submersible heavy lift vessel, the Dockwise Vanguard, to the BOKA Vanguard.

”The renaming and subsequent rebranding of the vessel marks the start of the process to present the company’s integrated service portfolio for the Offshore Energy sector under a single brand name: Boskalis. This first important step symbolizes the ambition to bring together the various business units, each with their unique background, offering our clients a truly unparalleled combination of people, vessels and activities able to break new grounds and create new horizons,” Boskalis said.

As a response to the growing market demand for inspection, repair and maintenance of subsea offshore installation, pipelines and cables, Boskalis recently added two large diving support vessels (DSVs) and crane vessel Bokalift 1 to its fleet, to be employed both for oil and gas and for offshore wind farm installation projects.