Brazil: Petrobras Breaks Gas Use Record

Brazil: Petrobras Breaks Gas Use Record

The use of the natural gas produced in association with oil production at Petrobras platforms set a record of 89.2% in 2011. If combined with the output from fields that produce gas only, this figure reaches the high mark of 92%, the Company’s total gas production record.

This is the best result Petrobras has achieved since 2004, when the use of gas associated with oil amounted to 87.8%, and is the result of efforts made, for the most part, under the Programa de Otimização do Aproveitamento de Gás 2015 (POAG-2015, the 2015 Gas Use Optimization Program), which was launched in the first quarter of 2010. The program has the objective of increasing the Company’s Associated Gas Use Index in Brazil to 95% in 2015, up from 79.1% in 2009.

The POAG-2015 was planned during 2009, with a focus on Southern and Southeastern Brazil, although the Northern and Northeastern regions of the country also contributed to the results that were reached. The program’s goal is to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and meet the expectations of both the regulators and society regarding natural gas flaring, in addition to increasing the use of the gas that is produced and boosting the Company’s energy efficiency.

Benefits – The program’s main benefits include increasing the use of gas in future platform projects by setting strategic guidelines that make it feasible to design new units that achieve high performances in this regard, from the initial stages of production, and correcting operating issues that lead to gas flaring at rigs already in operation.

An Action Plan was prepared based on these strategic guidelines, and its implementation is monitored by a specific governance line, with the goal of ensuring the targets set under the POAG-2015 can be attained.

Source: Petrobras, March 1, 2012




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