Break on OpenHydro Turbine Delays Bay of Fundy Project

Cape Sharp Tidal has experienced a delay with its Bay of Fundy project, due to an issue with the OpenHydro turbine.

OpenHydro discovered an issue with the metal properties of a fastening component in its Open-Centre Turbines.

Following the lab testing, OpenHydro confirmed that a risk exists with the long term durability of the component that was traced back to supplier.

The components are used to secure part of the turbine generator in position, and could fail prematurely if not replaced, so the company decided to replace the components in the Open-Centre Turbines.

“Of key importance is that this is not an issue with the turbine design, rather a matter of incorrectly supplied components. Part of the purpose of this demonstration phase is to identify all potential issues, and OpenHydro is taking the appropriate steps to remedy the issue,” Cape Sharp Tidal said.

OpenHydro is currently considering options for replacing the components in turbine 1, the company added.

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