BRIDGES2000 is allowed to build Pearl Drydocks Emirates

In today’s world, we need to accept more business is moving to the Middle East. BRIDGES2000 is granted to build the largest drydocks in the world. Interesting for all kinds of offshore and maritime works.

BRIDGES2000 – fastest way up gangways II

BRIDGES2000 likes to interest North European companies to partner in this project. One advantage is that they will have a hub in the Middle East. Next to that the quality of North European companies will more accessible for other supply chains. There is also a footprint advantage. Fleet owners are able to refurbish in these drydocks at lower costs and because it will be a green facility, they will get sustainable advantages. In RAK, UAE where the docks will be located, old ships will get a second life or will be demolished in an environmental friendly way.

BRIDGES2000 has had a very sustainable attitude for years. And in recent years they have earned the predicate New Circular Economy Company. They essentially started with a small head start by manufacturing most of the products they carry out from aluminum. Aluminum has two major advantages, because it is light and no longer needs maintenance afterwards. It is easy to reuse and aluminum does not rust. She supplies offshore, maritime, civil and event sectors can also be used for bridges ,which also bring indirect environmental benefits to society.

Companies wishing to participate or learn more about the New Venture Pearl Drydocks Emirates should send an email to [email protected] and address Mr. Van der Ham.