Bristow starts North Sea flights for Petrofac

Aberdeen-based helicopter operator Bristow Helicopters has informed that the company started flights for Petrofac in the Central North Sea (CNS).

According to the helicopter operator, this is the first time its helicopters are flying Petrofac passengers to the CNS.

The three-year contract that started in March has two additional one year options, Bristow added.

Alan Corbett, Managing Director of Bristow Helicopters Limited, said: “The commencement of these flights for Petrofac is a milestone in our relationship as it is the first time, after many years of ad-hoc work, that Bristow has been contracted to operate directly for Petrofac.”

“Using a mixed fleet of Sikorsky S-92s and EC225s, we will operate a new operations model with Petrofac as they seek to flight-share with other operators.”

“We will begin operations with flights direct to a platform in the Central North Sea adding additional scope with crew change activity to other CNS locations later in the contract.”

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