Bumi Armada Acquires MPSV from Condor Shipco, Malaysia

Bumi Armada Acquires MPSV from Condor Shipco, Malaysia

Malaysia-based international company, Bumi Armada Berhad (“Bumi Armada”) announces that its wholly-owned subsidiary, Bumi Armada Offshore Contractor Limited has acquired and taken delivery of a MPSV (multipurpose platform support vessel) from Condor Shipco Limited for USD1 5.8 million.

The DP2” diesel electric vessel which was re-named Armada Condor was re-built in 2002 which involved extension of vessel length, addition of DP2 system and thrusters.

The DNV-classed support vessel measures 104 metres in length with a beam of 22.4 metres; it features a 120 tonne main crane with Active Heave Compensation system for operation up to 2000 m water depth, an auxiliary crane, a cargo crane, moon-pool, helideck and built-in gas storage of 14,800 cubic metres. It has 1,100 square metres of deck space with deck load capacity of 1,300 tonnes and hydro acoustic to 2,000 m. The Armada Condor has accommodation for 127 persons.

Bumi Armada’s Executive Director and CEO, Mr Hassan Basma, “This acquisition underpins our strategy to provide services to the oil and gas industry as exploration and production moves further from shore to deeper and harsher waters. The Armada Condor joins our Transport and Installation fleet which comprises a derrick pipelay barge and a SURF1” vessel in providing a broad range of support services for offshore installation and subsea work.

“Its 2002 re-construction ensured the Armada Condor has the facilities and capability for worldwide operations.”

Press Release, March 14, 2013