Photo: Vaarst

Bureau Veritas verifies SubSLAM underwater measuring system

Vaarst, tech spin-off of subsea player Rovco, has secured Bureau Veritas verification for its SubSLAM underwater measuring system.

Bureau Veritas verified the technology as delivering sub-millimeter accuracy for live subsea measurement, making it the most accurate real-time underwater measuring system in use today with accuracy down to 0.5mm, Vaarst said.

To verify the system’s accuracy, Vaarst worked with Bureau Veritas to conduct two separate trials in October 2021.

The first focused on the system’s close inspection capabilities, demonstrating the accuracy needed to conduct the highly precise measurements, such as those used to assess the condition of chains holding marine assets in situ.

The second assessed accuracy at longer distances, needed to support tasks such as the construction and maintenance of pipeline and cable assets.

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According to Vaarst, SubSLAM X2 is designed to enable very accurate measurements for small defects and maintain good accuracy on longer-range measurements up to 50m+.

Use of SubSLAM is said to allow businesses to streamline offshore projects and bring in time savings by taking measurements in minutes that may have taken days beforehand. This, in turn, leads to a reduction in emissions-intensive processes.

“These new certifications are another crucial milestone for Vaarst and its SubSLAM technology, as we continue in our efforts to improve the safety and reduce the costs and environmental impact of the marine industries,” said Brian Allen, founder and CEO at Vaarst.

“With businesses able to conduct highly accurate subsea survey work with SubSLAM-equipped ROVs and AUVs, we’re making it easier, faster, cheaper, safer, and far more sustainable to manage and maintain energy infrastructure and realise a net zero economy.”

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