B&V, Chemtex Commission Three LNG Plants in China

B&V, Chemtex Commission Three LNG Plants in China

Black & Veatch, in partnership with Chemtex, has successfully started-up three new LNG plants located at Jingbian and Yulin City, Shaanxi Province, and Wuhai, Inner Mongolia.

The Shaanxi Jingbian Xingyuan plant started operations in December 2013 and the Yulin Yuenheng and the Xilaifeng (Wuhai 1) LNG plants came on line in January 2014. The Qianlishan (Wuhai 2) LNG plant is on schedule to start-up in December 2014.

The plants feature Black & Veatch’s patented PRICO® technology. PRICO® is an innovative process developed by Black & Veatch to liquefy natural gas. Known for its reliability and efficiency, the technology can be applied in a variety of scenarios. In China, the technology is relied upon to support the need for alternative “Clean Energy” fuel to power vehicle, homes and industries.

Shaowu Liu, Chief Engineer of Jingbian Xinyuan LNG Plant said, “We sincerely appreciate the amazing efforts of the Chemtex-Black & Veatch team to our Xinyuan project. During the whole construction duration, both the expertise and the spirit they’ve shown has been very impressive. The team not only offered excellent services but also encouraged and supported us to establish our own internal team. We are convinced that Xinyuan Plant will be a beacon for future LNG plants in China.”

“The take up rate for PRICO® technology has been very successful in China,” said Edward Zhou, Business Development Director of Black & Veatch’s oil and gas business in China. “The technology provides a win-win offering. It’s flexible, simplifies operations and is low in capital and operating costs, while demand remains robust in China with the increased focus to find alternative, clean energy sources. At present, the Chemtex-Black & Veatch team has commissioned 11 operational plants utilizing PRICO® technology in China, and has an additional 10 plants in design and construction phases.”

“We see great potential for the Chemtex-Black & Veatch team to contribute further to China’s Clean Energy future,” said Pedro S. Losa, Chief Executive Officer of Chemtex International, Inc. “Our team is working to bring even more cost effective, fast track LNG projects to the Chinese market.”


Press Release, March 27, 2014; Image: Black & Veatch