BV Publishes Offshore Unit and Ship Conversion Guidance (France)

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BV Publishes Offshore Unit and Ship Conversion Guidance (France)

LEADING international classification society Bureau Veritas has published guidance on Ship Conversion into Surface Offshore Units and Redeployment of Surface Offshore Units.

BV Guidance Note NI 593 sets out the requirements for structural assessment when operators are considering converting a ship into an offshore unit or making major modifications to offshore units in service.

Dan Frorup, head of offshore services, Bureau Veritas, says, “We have extensive experience with assessing the structures of offshore units, especially conversions. In the current hot offshore market we see a drive to yet more conversions. However, operators need to ensure that enough attention is given to assessing the structure of the hull against its new service parameters and required design life before the conversion is done. That is why we have published this guidance, to ensure nothing is missed when planning conversions or modifications.”

The guidance note specifies the structural assessment methodology covering the ship itself, its proposed operating area and fatigue.


Press Release, September 03, 2012; Image: Bureau Veritas

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