Carbon Trust launches offshore wind integration programme

The Carbon Trust has launched a new joint industry programme focused on optimizing the integration of offshore wind.

The Integrator is a programme designed to examine the interplay between offshore wind, existing infrastructure, and other technologies and developments to highlight opportunities for innovation investment. 

It has secured support from six major offshore wind farm developers, including EnBW, Equinor, RWE, ScottishPower Renewables, Total and Vattenfall who will collaborate on a series of projects over the next year.

Two initial projects will be carried out, with the first being a study to define key market factors that impact the use and integration of offshore wind.

The second project is a study to identify key technology options that could maximise opportunities for offshore wind use and integration, considering the wider market characteristics.

According to the Carbon Trust, the Integrator’s programme of work is timely in the wake of the UK’s Offshore Wind Sector Deal, which identified integration as a key challenge for the industry, as well the increased focus on the role of low carbon hydrogen in a net-zero future, for which offshore wind could play a critical role.

“Industry and governments recognise that successful cost reduction in offshore wind has paved the way for it to play a larger role in the generation mix of a net zero future,” said Jan Matthiesen, Director – Offshore Wind at the Carbon Trust.

“Building on the Carbon Trust’s extensive experience of designing and managing collaborative innovation programmes for offshore wind, The Integrator marks the opening of a new chapter to investigate the interplay between offshore wind and other technologies to understand the opportunities that exist for offshore wind to extend beyond electricity generation.”