Caterpillar Showcases Wide Range of its Products at OTC Brazil

At the inaugural OTC Brazil event, Caterpillar is emphasizing its commitment to this important market – one of the world’s busiest in terms offshore exploratory projects. In the last five years, some of the largest offshore discoveries of both oil and natural gas reserves have been made off the coastline of Brazil, driving up the demand for Cat® power solutions supporting both marine and petroleum applications. Caterpillar is meeting this demand by increasing its local packaging and production capabilities, and extending its product offering range.

Specifically, Caterpillar is now packaging its legendary 3500 diesel generator sets at its manufacturing facility in Piracicaba, Sao Paolo, Brazil. In many cases, the 3500 packages will offer sufficient local content to meet BNDES special financing requirements. Caterpillar’s 3500 series packages for diesel electric propulsion and marine auxiliary power have a track record of performance. They are commonly used in tug and salvage, cargo and offshore applications, as well as for emergency power and fire pumps.

Production expansion plans include the 2010 purchase of a 50,000 square-meter facility in Campo Largo, Parana state, a machine plant scheduled to begin operations this quarter. The company also plans to expand the Piracicaba facility in the future to support the production needs of the growing Brazilian market.

Caterpillar will extend its local product range to include smaller, high-speed engines as well as larger, medium-speed engines for Brazil’s marine and petroleum industries.

Currently, Caterpillar offers a full range of drilling rig power solutions for offshore and land equipment, as well as a full range of integrated engine and transmission packages for work over, fracturing, cementing, mixing and other on or offshore well service applications. Product offerings specific to the Brazilian market include:


• 3500 – Cat 3500 engines and generator sets are the industry standard for a variety of well service and drilling applications. With drilling ratings up to 1,530 ekW and well service ratings up to 1,864 kW, the 3500 is known for its reliability, durability, legendary performance and optimal integration with Caterpillar’s full line of petroleum transmissions.

• C175 – The C175 generator set provides best-in-class power density, optimized fuel consumption for drilling loads, and a compact footprint for repower projects, all while meeting IMO Tier II emissions requirements. The C175 provides 1.83 MW of power at 1,200 rpm, 60 Hz. This product is the ideal power solution for jackup rigs.

• C280 and CM – Cat C280 and CM generator sets are the ideal power solutions for semi-submersible rigs, drill ships, offshore supply service vessels, pipelayers, and FPSO. C280 and CM generator sets can provide power from 1.5 MW to 15 MW per generator set. All offshore generator sets have single lift handling for ease of installation, rugged base frames and are equipped with proven generators while meeting IMO Tier II emissions requirements.

• Water-cooled hazardous location engines – The Cat Hazardous Location line-up represents the next generation in offshore well service engines by providing uncompromised performance and IMO Tier II emissions in addition to addressing the needs of operating in a hazardous environment. Caterpillar is the only engine manufacturer to offer a complete line-up of engines certified to meet both National Electric Code (NEC) and ATEX requirements. These engines are available in ratings from 153 kW – 826 kW and are primarily used for offshore applications such as blending, cementing and coiled tubing where personnel and rig safety are critical during daily operations.

• Production Power – Caterpillar has a full line of power generation equipment for remote production or camp power needs of the petroleum industry. Caterpillar’s product lineup includes diesel generator sets ranging from 275 kW up – 5,400 kW and natural gas generator sets from 160 kW – 3,860 kW.

• Natural gas engines and power generation products – Caterpillar is the world’s largest manufacturer of natural gas fueled engines by volume and population. Caterpillar’s high tech products lead the gas compression industry in reliability, durability, ease of installation and flexibility of operations, and they boast overall lowest owning and operating costs. Caterpillar offers the broadest horsepower range of any manufacturer with gas engines from 56 to 6,100 kW.

• Rental Power – A full range of diesel rental power solutions available from the company’s dealer network and power partners.

• Solar Turbines gas turbine engines for oil and gas production – Caterpillar subsidiary Solar Turbines manufactures gas turbines rated from 1 MW – 22 MW. These engines operate on a variety of fuels including natural gas, distillates, NGL, LNG, landfill and sewage gases, coal-seam methane, hydrogen and dual and triple fuel systems.


• 3500 marine engines – This range includes propulsion, auxiliary and diesel electric propulsion (DEP) engines ideal for vessels servicing the offshore industry. Starting in January 2012, the Cat 3500C marine engines will enter full production meeting United States EPA Tier 3 emissions regulations and will be certified IMO Tier II.

• C280 engines – Featuring continuous and maximum continuous ratings at 900 and 1,000 rpm, and available in 6, 8, 12 and 16 cylinder configurations, this family of engines is well suited for power generation needs, and meets all emissions standards for marine applications, including EPA Marine Tier 2 and IMO Tier II.

• C32 ACERT™ diesel engine – Producing 560 bkW at 1,800 rpm, Cat C32 ACERT engines feature optimized turbocharging and aftercooling to provide reliable maximum power output with minimum environmental impact – making it a perfect engine for a variety of applications.

• MaK marine engines – Rated from 1,020 to 21,760 kW, the proven design of the MaK long-stroke, medium-speed family offers reliable engine performance with best-in-class fuel oil economy combined with long maintenance intervals. Technical solutions, including Flexible Camshaft Technology (FCT) and Air Injection System (AIS), can be applied to tailor engine performance for specific customer requirements.

• MaK auxiliary generators – Ideal for navigational equipment, monitoring installations, refrigerated containers, lighting, pumps, heating or ventilation, MaK generator sets can be operated with the economical Heavy Fuel Oil (HFO) option, and are compliant with the NOx limits according to IMO Code MARPOL 73/78, Annex VI.

“Our goal is to not only offer the broadest range of power solutions available, but also to be easy to do business with,” said Caterpillar Marine and Petroleum Power Division Vice President Richard Case. “To accomplish this, we need to be where our customers are, which is why Brazil is such an important market to us today. As Brazil develops its significant petroleum reserves, the demand for Cat power solutions will continue to grow.”

All products sold in Brazil are backed by Caterpillar’s renowned customer support and the Cat dealer network, which offers round-the-clock service and support at more than 2,100 dealer locations in 200 countries. Three Cat dealers are conveniently located in Brazil: Sotreq, Marcosa and Pesa. Combined, these dealers have 52 locations across Brazil.

To learn more about Caterpillar’s expanded operations and products specific to the Brazilian market, please visit the company’s booth at OTC Brazil 2011, stand number 538. For more information, visit

Source: Caterpillar , October 4, 2011

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