Cathelco to Supply Pipework Anti-Fouling Systems for Lamprell Jack-Up Rigs

Cathelco to Supply Pipework Anti-Fouling Systems for Lamprell Jack-Up Rigs

Cathelco have won a series of orders to supply seawater pipework anti-fouling systems for jack-up rigs which are to be built by Lamprell Energy Ltd, the UAE based provider of diversified engineering services for the offshore oil and gas industry.

The anti-fouling equipment will be supplied for four jackup rigs which are being constructed at the Hamriyah yard for the National Drilling Company (NDC) of Abu Dhabi.

The rigs which will be completely outfitted and equipped by Lamprell are LeTourneau designed, self elevating mobile offshore drillings platforms of the Super 116E (Enhanced) Class Design.

Cathelco pipework anti-fouling systems are designed to eliminate blockages caused by barnacles and mussels in seawater lines. The systems consist of copper and aluminium anodes which are wired to a control panel. In operation, the copper anodes produce ions which create an environment where barnacle and mussel larvae do not settle and grow. At the same time the aluminium anode produces ions which suppress corrosion on the internal surfaces of pipes.

On each of the NDC rigs, the Cathelco system will protect the lines from 3 pumps using anodes which are mounted directly into 10 inch diameter pipes using pipe upstands.

“There are a number of ways of mounting anodes on jackup rigs including the options of putting them below the pump inside the caisson, on deck within an electrolysis tank or by using pipe upstands”, said Carlo Soddu, who has been closely involved in the project at Cathelco.

“The advantage of using the pipe upstand method is that the copper ions are drawn directly in the flow of seawater which maximises their effectiveness. In addition, it is easy to change the anodes when replacement is necessary, a procedure which can be completed in less than 30 minutes”, Carlo explained.

It is the sixth time that Cathelco has supplied this particular type of pipework anti-fouling equipment to Lamprell for jackup rig applications. The first occasion was in 2009 when a system was installed on the Offshore Freedom, the first ‘newbuild’ jack-up to be constructed by the company.

All of the orders have been secured by Nico International Dubai, Cathelco’s well established agent in the United Arab Emirates.

Cathelco are world leading manufacturers of seawater pipework anti-fouling systems with a record of more than 40,000 installations on commercial vessels and offshore structures. The company also produce ICCP corrosion protection systems for jack-ups, semi-submersibles and offshore platforms.


Cathelco, May 13, 2013