CCS, Accelleron to work on development of green fuels for ships

China Classification Society (CCS) has signed a strategic cooperation agreement with Swiss turbocharger producer Accelleron to work on the development of green fuels and upgrade of ammonia and methanol engines for ships.

China Classification Society (CCS)

As informed, the cooperation agreement was signed during this year’s Marintec in China. CSSC Power (Group) Corporation also joined the partnership.

Under the the strategic cooperation agreement, CCS and Accelleron will establish a long-term cooperative relationship in products R&D, product inspection, condition-based maintenance of marine equipment and development of green fuels for marine power.

The companies will also work on upgrading and renovating of existing marine methanol and ammonia-fueled engines, and other energy efficiency improvement solutions.

Furthermore, the agreement will cover the development of the application of solid-state fuel cells and 3D printing technology in ships, as well as in ship digitization, etc.

“The strategic cooperation between CCS and Accelleron is an alliance between giants in the context of green and low-carbon transformation in the shipping industry. We hope that this strategic cooperation will further promote the green and low-carbon transformation of China’s shipping industry, and make positive contributions to addressing global carbon emission challenges,” the partners noted.

At the signing ceremony, CCS also issued the ship and offshore engineering industry blockchain data sharing alliance certificate (i.e. CSBC Data Sharing Alliance Certificate) and the proof of energy efficiency data exchange adaptation to Accelleron.

In August this year, Accelleron, formerly ABB Turbocharging, inked a technical agreement with Japanese engine licenser Japan Engine Corporation (J-ENG) that authorizes the use of Accelleron turbochargers on the UE Engine, one of the world’s three largest brands of low-speed marine engines.

The UE Engine developed by J-ENG is continuously evolving by incorporating the latest technologies and future fuels in order to respond to market trends.

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