CCS grants 1st factory approval for methanol dual-fuel boilers

China Classification Society (CCS) has issued factory approval and product certificates for the marine methanol dual-fuel boilers developed by CSSC Jiujiang Marine Equipment (Group) Co.


Recently, the launch ceremony of the world’s first set of new marine methanol dual-fuel boilers independently developed by CSSC Jiujiang Company and the production ceremony of CSSC Jiujiang Haiku Interior Decoration Co., was held in the industrial park for supporting products of CSSC Jiujiang.

At the subsequent certificate-awarding ceremony, CCS issued factory approval and product certificates for the marine methanol dual-fuel boilers.

CCS Wuhan Branch and CSSC Jiujiang Company have closely cooperated and fully participated in the R&D of methanol dual-fuel boilers.

They have also assessed and inspected the entire process of design, manufacturing, testing verification, etc., assisted enterprises in making breakthroughs in the key technologies of methanol in burner performance, material corrosion, etc..

Furthermore, they achieved independent and controllable core technologies of domestic equipment, playing a positive role in enabling enterprises to seize the global shipbuilding market opportunities and industrial highlands.

Green and low-carbon development has become the theme of the times, and low-carbon or even zero-carbon emission ships have become the mainstream trend of development.

At the 80th meeting of the International Maritime Organization (IMO) Marine Environment Protection Committee (MEPC), new emission reduction targets were proposed.

There is a growing trend for shipping enterprises to choose methanol fuels, and the orders for methanol-powered ships have surged rapidly in the past two years, forming a “two strong” pattern of clean fuel ships together with LNG-powered ships.  Based on the data from DNV, there are currently a total of 82 methanol-powered ships in operation and on order.

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