CGG to continue operating Brunei Shell Petroleum’s data processing center

France-based geophysical services company CGG has secured a multi-year extension with Brunei Shell Petroleum (BSP) to continue operating a dedicated imaging center.


The imaging center is located at BSP’s head office in Seria.

CGG won the contract back in 2017 to operate the center for a period of six years, which is expiring on 31 December this year.

Peter Whiting, EVP of Geoscience at CGG, said: “This renewal of our dedicated center contract builds on six years of technical excellence and demonstrates the trust BSP has in our imaging team and high-end technology. We look forward to strengthening our close collaboration with BSP to support its future business success.

At the center, CGG is delivering land, marine, transition zone, OBC and high-density ocean bottom node (OBN) seismic imaging results.

According to the French firm, the in-house team will continue to apply the latest proprietary technologies, such as Time-lag FWI, Q-FWI, least-squares migration and shallow imaging, to address the specific regional challenges posed by the presence of widely distributed shallow gas clouds, channels, gas-charged silts, and complex fault structures around the discovered fields. 

CGG recently also signed a major multi-year global data transformation and curation agreement with BP, expected to support the oil and gas giant’s subsurface digital strategy.

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