CGG to Make Changes to Board of Directors

French seismic contractor CGG has announced cooptation of three new board members.

CGG announced the cooptation of Colette Lewiner to replace Hilde Myrberg, resigning from her board position, for the remainder of her term.

Colette Lewiner has graduated from Ecole Normale Supérieure and has a PhD in Physics. She is presently independent board director at EDF, Groupe Bouygues, GETLINK (former Eurotunnel), EDF, Nexans and Ingénico.

Furthermore, Mario Ruscev will replace M. Jean-Georges Malcor, resigning from his board position, for the remainder of his term. This resignation has no impact on Jean-Georges Malcor CEO position, CGG noted.

Mario Ruscev has a PhD in Physics (Yale), after spending 23 years with Schlumberger in particular in the seismic business, he has been since CEO of FormFactor, CEO of IGSS (GeoTech) and CTO at Baker Hughes then at Weatherford.

The company also announced cooptation of Philippe Salle to replace M. Loren Carroll, resigning from his board position, for the remainder of his term.

Philippe Salle graduated from l’Ecole des Mines de Paris. He started his career in Total and several consulting firms, and he was appointed CEO of Vedior, Geoservices, Altran, Elior. Since December 2017, he is CEO of groupe Foncia.

The CGG board also indicated its intention to nominate Philippe Salle as chairman of the board of directors to replace Rémi Dorval whose term of office will expire at the end of April, 2018.