CGG Upgrades Cornerstone Multi-Client Seismic Coverage

CGG Upgrades Cornerstone Multi-Client Seismic Coverage

Building on the strengths of its consistent-parameter Central North Sea multi-client data coverage, CGG is conducting a large PSDM processing project to upgrade its Cornerstone 3D long-offset dataset.

The project will use CGG’s proprietary multi-layered tomography technology TomoML to build a more accurate TTI anisotropic velocity model, calibrated with over 120 wells throughout the Central North Sea, and will also benefit from CGG’s latest ghost compensation processing technique to extend the frequency bandwidth and improve the resolution of this conventionally-acquired data, providing a contiguous, broadband, depth-migrated dataset.

Following the success of BroadSeisTM variable-depth streamer technology on its Q29PH1 multi-client survey in 2011, CGG is expanding its broadband multi-client data coverage in the Central North Sea. Q30PH7 is being acquired using BroadSeis with BroadSourceTM, CGG’s broadband source, to extend the Cornerstone CNS 3D dataset by 5,500km2 in Quadrants 29, 30 and 38. The objective is to better image the thin and complex formations of the southern margin of the Central Graben, from the Carboniferous-Permian section through the Jurassic and up to the shallower Paleogene targets.

CGG is also preparing an ambitious Q30PH8 3D seismic program to cover the deep part of the Central Graben where High-Pressure/High-Temperature reservoirs are the focus. This survey will be tailored to optimize the imaging of both deep and shallow targets. Like Q30PH7, this survey will be acquired with an East-West orientation. Combined with the North-South acquisition of the underlying Cornerstone dataset this offers the opportunity of dual-azimuth processing of the overlap, further improving the imaging of deep, complex and highly faulted structures.

With over 35,000km2 of 3D seismic data, benefitting from broad bandwidths, advanced prestack depth migration and dual-azimuth acquisition and processing, CGG offers the ultimate 3D seismic database to unlock the remaining potential of the North Sea, covering the entire Central Graben and beyond.

Press Release, June 11, 2013; Image: CGG