CGG wraps up Northern Viking Graben phase two

CGG has completed phase two of its Northern Viking Graben (NVG) multi-client 3D survey in the Northern North Sea.

Northern Viking Graben (Source: CGG)

The company acquired 13,900 square kilometres of new multi-client data to provide a second azimuth in an East-West direction over the existing NVG data set.

Northern Viking Graben (Source: CGG)

The survey, which expands on the phase one acquisition initiated in 2020, also extends CGG’s coverage over the UK Continental Shelf.

As reported in March, fast-track data from phase two should be available by the end of 2021, while the final processed data are expected during the second half of 2022.

The existing North-South data set will be reprocessed entirely, and together with the new survey, will create a dual-azimuth volume to identify and de-risk near-field exploration targets, and aid the maturation of stranded discoveries towards development, CGG said.

Furthermore, it will enhance the imaging of multi-directional fault patterns and provide improved resolution to resolve complex reservoir stratigraphy.

In addition, a simultaneous node-streamer seismic survey was also completed west of Fram, to deliver a new data set to evaluate the imaging benefits of hybrid surveys and aid in the design of future surveys.

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