Chalmers University sets up wave modeling seminar

Chalmers University of Technology will next month host a seminar on wave propagation and wave-body interaction in Gothenburg, Sweden.

The seminar, to be held on December 8, 2016, will kick-off with the presentation of the MIDWEST project, delivered by Mario Ricchiuto, from the French National Institute for computer science and applied mathematics, INRIA, in Bordeaux.

MIDWEST (Multi-fidelity Decision Making Tools for Wave Energy Systems) is an OCENERA-NET funded project that aims to provide a new efficient decision making framework for the design of the next generation wave energy converters (WECs) which could benefit all industrial actors of the European wave energy sector.

After the opening presentation, the seminar will continue with the session featuring David Lannes, from the University of Bordeaux, who will talk about modeling of floating structures using a compressible-incompressible approach.

The seminar will also include Umberto Bosi from INRIA, and Allan Engsig-Karup, from the Technical University of Denmark, as speakers.

The event will round up with a presentation from Claes Eskilsson from the University of Chalmers who will talk about computational fluid dynamics (CFD) in relation to modeling the motion response of WECs, followed by the closing remarks.