CSSC Chengxi

Chengxi Shipyard inks deal for bulker pair with Huaxia Leasing

Chengxi Shipyard, a subsidiary of China State Shipbuilding Corporation, has signed a contract with China Shipbuilding Industry Trading and Huaxia Financial Leasing for the construction of two 82,600-ton bulk carriers.

Image credit China Shipbuilding Co.

The Kamsarmaxes have been independently developed by CSSC Chengxi. The deal builds on the previous collaboration between CSSC Chengxi and Huaxia Financial Leasing for the construction of eight 63,500-ton bulk carriers agreed upon in late 2021.

The newly developed ship type boasts environmental protection features, excellent performance, large cargo capacity, and strong adaptability, fully complying with the International Maritime Organization’s Tier III and EEDI III emission standards, the shipbuilder said.

This means that the ships will meet or exceed the stringent requirements for reducing nitrogen oxide (NOx) emissions and energy efficiency, contributing to cleaner air and reduced greenhouse gas emissions. They will also integrate solutions that enable efficient fuel consumption, reliable propulsion, excellent maneuverability, and superior handling characteristics.

CSSC Chengxi said that it has already surpassed its annual shipbuilding business targets within a mere three months. Presently, the shipbuilder has a solid order backlog scheduled until 2026, making it the most favorable order situation the company has experienced since its establishment.

The shipyard attributed the success to its business strategy focused on securing orders in batches and prioritizing high-quality contracts.