Children Love the Wind

Children Love the Wind

‘Love the Wind’ event took place in LEGOLAND® on Saturday, 4 October, providing visitors with fun activities and learning about the wind energy. 

Children and adults poured in from the entrance to LEGOLAND®. Everyone was welcomed with a smile and small paper wind turbines were handed out to the children.

The sun was high in the sky and the wind set off the propellers in the small wind turbines that all the children were running around with. From the very start, the focus was on the ‘Love the Wind’ event which was organised jointly by LEGOLAND, A2SEA, Siemens and DONG Energy.

Helene brought her mother, Tina Flarup, and her baby brother, Daniel, to see the day’s event ‘Love the Wind’. Helene Kjeldsen was enthusiastic: “We’ve just been over to see the production platform in Miniland. Now, I’m looking forward to seeing Kåre from Ramasjang, because I’d like to tell him how big a fan I am.” 

Crazy wind energy activities

In tents on the site, the visitors could see how much energy they could generate by cycling, build their own LEGO® wind turbines, see Kåre from the Danish children’s show ‘Store Nørd’ and in the big ‘Wind Challenge’, they could guess at which speed the wind is blowing.

Sanne Troldborg, Senior Sponsor and Event Consultant at DONG Energy, said: “We created a fun and educational day where children and adults got a better understanding of how we can use off-shore wind power’s immense forces, just by playing and participating in many interesting wind power activities.”

This is where competitive spirits thrive and the enthusiasm spread between children and adults who pedalled hard and built creative LEGO wind turbines in a myriad of colours. As Kåre from ‘Store Nørd’ jumped onto the stage, families poured into the event area.

“Are you ready for experiments, explosions and a lot of fun secrets?”

The children all shouted an eager ‘YES’, and the show with fire, water and wind power kicked off with a bang. The children were delighted and surprised at the same time, as they learned how forces of nature can be used to make fun energy experiments.

The small paper wind turbine propellers were still spinning, as the last visitors left the event area.

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Press release; Image: Dong Energy