China: CIC Jiangsu Shipbuilding Hosts Naming & Delivery Ceremony for Yu Ming

CIC Jiangsu Shipbuilding Hosts Naming & Delivery Ceremony for Yu Ming

On Dec.12th, the naming & delivery ceremony for 48000dwt ocean practice teaching vessel Yu Ming was held in the international shipping center. It was a milestone for China shipping Industry, education and shipbuilding industry.

The new building of the subject vessel got the support from Ministry of Transport of P.R.C.,the local government and the leaders of China Shipping Industry at all levels. She was built by China shipping Industry (Jiangsu) Co., Ltd, conducted sea trials in the costal area of Zhejiang, and was registered and delivered in Shanghai port. It was a classic model of the close cooperation between the ship new building, port operation and shipping industry.

The subject vessel is a significant gift for the 18th National Congress of the Communist Party of China and is an outstanding practice of implementing the policy of “Developing Marine Economy” & “Constructing a Marine Powerful Nation”.

Shanghai Maritime University (SMU) is the cradle for senior marine elites of China Shipping fleets. Over six decades, a large number of students educated from SMU took important positions of national shipping departments and China shipping industry at all levels. The ocean practice teaching ship will become a communication platform of advanced shipping education as well was a significant communication place for global shipping industry.

The newbuilding shipyard, China Shipping Industry (Jiangsu) Co., Ltd overcame the unexpected difficulties, and strictly abided by the leading time requirement & technique norm to ensure the production is carried out in good order without safety accidents.

She hit the water on May 25th. The mechanical & electrical installation, the anchoring test, the sea trials and the interior decoration were finished within six months. The construction speed broke the record at the global level.

CIC Jiangsu Shipbuilding Hosts Naming & Delivery Ceremony for Yu Ming

 On the base of the prototype of Yangtzemax- the own-branding type of vessel of China Shipping Group, the design of the subject vessel was improved according to the consideration on the feature, function and requirement of ocean practice teaching ship. The fuel-efficient index and EEDI could fit the international regulations. The design, mechanical & electrical system have proven to be first class by the sea trials.

The ocean practice teaching ship was built for students. China Shipping Industry Co., Ltd. invited teachers & students from Shanghai Maritime University and Tongji University to make the design of interior decoration. Among six proposals from two universities, the proposals from SMU reflected the good vision for maritime life. The others from Tongji University integrated the fashion style. Those design ideas provided the inspiration for interior decoration and accumulated the experience for marine design institutions to design large & luxury cruises built by Chinese shipyards in future.

Press Release, December 13, 2012; Image: CIC