China: COSCO Nantong Shipyard Names Two 59.000 DWT Shuttle Tankers


Two 59,000DWT Shuttle Tankers, built for the Danish owner LAURITZEN TANKERS A/S, were named “DAN CISNE” and “DAN SABIA” in COSCO Nantong Shipyard. The Panamax size vessels are double hulled DP ¢òshuttle tankers, registered with NK Class, and comply with the safety requirements of both the Danish Maritime Authority and the Brazilian national oil company “Petrobras Campos Basin Offshore”.

COSCO Shipyard owns all the independent intellectual property rights of their basic design, detailed design, and production design.

Compared with similar foreign tankers, these shuttle tankers have better maneuverability to provide crude oil transfer services between FPSO, FSO, oil platforms, and onshore oil facilities. Their bow loading systems are able to achieve precise transmission of crude oil both in the floating state and in the moving state of the supplier and accepter. Both vessels are equipped with a dynamic positioning system, schilling rudder, controllable pitch propeller, fore-and-after thruster and unmanned machinery space facilities. These special features enable them to carry out all special offshore operations in harsh environments.

At the naming ceremony that day, Mr. Xu Hui, Deputy Mayor of Nantong City, congratulated the yard on the successful construction of the 59,000DWT series of shuttle tankers. He explained how the contract fully demonstrates the technical strength of COSCO Shipyard in the field of offshore engineering.

Mr. Ma Zhihong, Party Secretary of COSCO Shipping, expressed his sincere appreciation to the Nantong municipal government for their long care and support of the development of the COSCO Shipyard, and added that COSCO Shipping will continue to cherish every opportunity given by our partners to play an active role in ocean oil and gas development.

The CEO of LAURITZEN TANKERS highly praised the high-quality design and efficient construction ability of COSCO Nantong Shipyard and indicated that the two companies will further strengthen cooperation to build more and better offshore engineering products together.


Source: COSCO-shipyard, September 16, 2011.

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