China invests in domestic zero-carbon water transportation

The first green water service area has been completed in China and will be in operation from July, COSCO Shipping Europe, a European branch of China’s container shipping major COSCO Shipping Lines, revealed.

As informed, the service area consists of four pontoons with a total length of 350 meters.

It is powered by solar energy and provides a newly designed ship pollutant recovery point and new special services such as free water transportation, free drone delivery services, 24-hour government services, water basketball courts as well as crew entertainment and service centers based on the needs of ships and crew members.

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In late 2023, COSCO Shipping presented two 10,000 dwt electric containerships built by COSCO Shipping Heavy Industry (Yangzhou).

COSCO Shipping Green Water 01 and COSCO Shipping Green Water 02 are the first 700 TEU river-sea pure battery-powered containerships independently designed, developed, and built by companies in China.

The first unit, the Green Water 01, began regular service between the Chinese cities of Shanghai and Nanjing in May 2024.

Featuring a length of 119.8 meters, and a width of 23.6 meters, the two vessels are part of an effort to build an electrified network for shipping along China’s Yangtze River, facilitate the green transformation of the waterway and demonstrate green and zero-carbon shipping.

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