China: JHI Receives HSE Management System Certificate

 JHI Receives HSE Management System Certificate

Recently, Jinhai Heavy Industry (Jinhai Shipyard) successfully managed to pass the Certification Audit of HSE System. An audit team of CCS worked on the second phase of Jinhai’s HSE management system certification. CCS made revision of all the materials related to the establishment of HSE system and its operations and agreed to give the HSE authentication certificate to JHI.

JHI put the HSE as one key target at the beginning of 2011 achieving a lot by establishing the HSE system and passing the CCS’ first phase audit.

HSE management system stands for the highest environmental protection, occupational health and safety management system in shipbuilding industry around the world. JHI’s success on HSE system authentication marks that the company has built a world-class management system with environmental protection, occupational health and safety, and step towards the realization of two world-class goals.

Jinhai Heavy Industry Co., Ltd, originating from Jinhaiwan Shipyard Co., Ltd, is a large-scale shipbuilding company built in the light of modern enterprise system. It’s set up by Zhouji Group. JHI is capable of building all types of large and medium ships at home and abroad such as container ships, LNG/LPG, Ro-Ro, FPSO, product tankers, crude oil tankers, bulk carriers, passenger vessels and special vessels.


Shipbuilding Tribune Staff, March 6, 2012; Image: jhzgchina