China Longyuan Power’s Evaluation Technology for Offshore Wind

China Longyuan Power's Evaluation Technology for Offshore Wind

On September 27, the “Observation and Evaluation Technology Research for Wind Resource and Hydrological Information of Offshore Wind Plant” project approved and established by China Guodian Corporation and completed by Zhongneng Power-Tech Development Co., Ltd. subordinate to China Longyuan Power passed the acceptance of China Guodian Corporation as well as the technical evaluation of the Chinese Society for Electrical Engineering.

The experts of the appraisal committee agreed that the research achievements have reached the international advanced level.

The project was officially launched in January 2011, and Zhongneng Company has been making an in-depth research of the relevant observation and evaluation technology for wind resource and hydrological information of offshore wind plant. It is the first time that Zhongneng Company conducts a comprehensive demonstration research for hydrologic observation and evaluation in the domestic field of offshore wind power, which pioneers long-term multi-point tidal synobservation, and also calculates various hydrological extreme-value parameters necessary for the design of wind power plant according to the measured data. The visual and high-precision tide prediction and inquiry system which is based on visual triangle mesh was then first developed for offshore wind plant. Besides, integral hoisting was first used to set up offshore meteorological measuring platform in China. Combined with the solid meteorological observation results, Zhongneng Company adopted the international advanced numerical simulation means and effectively simulated wind conditions of offshore wind plant, and obtained high-precision wind resource distribution spectrogram of offshore wind plant through verification, which provides a reference and basis for long-term wind resource analysis and the calculation of electric quantity in wind power plant. Through more than two years of offshore observation and theoretical exploration, the various techniques and experience have been applied to the design scheme of the largest domestic offshore wind plant project in Nanri, Fujian. The achievements can provide a reference and guidance to China Guodian Corporation and even the industry for the follow-up development and construction of offshore wind power plant.

The Chinese Society for Electrical Engineering invited Hu Dunxin, Academician of the Chinese Academy of Sciences to serve as the chairman of committee, and the renowned industry experts from the National Climate Center, State Oceanic Administration, Peking University and Datang Renewable to serve as the members of the Acceptance and Appraisal Expert Committee. The experts carefully listened to the report on the project achievements, strictly reviewed the relevant materials, and finally agreed through inquiries, answering questions and discussions that the project has successfully accomplished the tasks stipulated in the contract, solved a number of key technical issues for wind resource and hydrological information observation and evaluation in the development of offshore wind power, and promoted offshore wind power development, which positively accelerates new energy development and power technology progress in China and has good social and economic benefits. The research achievements have reached the international advanced level.

Press release, October 9, 2013; Image: clypg