China: Officials Unveil Anhui Port Development Plan

New Anhui port development plan  includes extension of  major navigation channels to 1,500 kilometres.

Under this plan, the port capacity should reach 500 million tonnes by 2015.

The province plans to spend US$15.8 million a year on waterborne transport during the National Five-year Plan from 2011 to 2015.

Anhui also aims to enhance shoreline utilisation rate and develop a port cluster on Wanjiang river based at Wuhu and Maanshan ports.

In the previous five-year period, Anhui raised its port capacity to 390 million tonnes and navigation channel mileage.

About Anhui Port:

Established in 1993, Wuhu Economic & Technological Development Zone is the first state-level development zone approved by central government in Anhui Province.

As the hub in the west of the Yangtze Delta, it is an ideal place for business in Central China and East China such as manufacturing place or logistic center due to great transportation advantage.

Wuhu port is the last fine deepwater port here going against the Yangtze River.

It is the main foreign trade base and overseas transportation center. It takes 1 hour from Wuhu to Nanjing Lukou International Airport and to Hefei Luogang Airport.


Dredging Today Staff, February 1, 2012;