China: Repaired Vessel MV Seaboard Ocean Departs CIC Changxing Shipyard

Repaired Vessel MV Seaboard Ocean Departs CIC Changxing Shipyard

On Nov. 30th, 2011, M.V. Seaboard Ocean departed from CIC Changxing Shipyard smoothly. The owner of the subject vessel is a German company, Hartmann Reederei, which owns more than 200 vessels.

The main repair scope was the installation of two 45-ton SWL deck cranes. The key to the repair project was to keep the top-side of flange foundation to a horizontal level and keep the concentricity of flange foundation and the trunk body. The Production Department organized the workshops and subcontractors to hold a seminar to decide the correct assemble & welding procedure. They took the measurement of the top-side of flange every three hours.

After being welded, the flatness of flange face was inspected by the professional manufacturer and the error was also controlled below 0.2mm. At last the new installation of the cranes was finished within only one week and the owner was very complimentary about the repair period and quality control.

Dimension of the vessel:

Length o. a. 147.85 m

Length b.p. 141.37 m

Breadth max. 23.25 m

Depth to maindeck 11.50 m

Speed 19,6 kn


Shipbuilding Tribune Staff, December 7, 2011; Image: hartmann

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