China Shipping Industry Repairs Container Vessel MV Santa Barbara

China Shipping Industry Repairs Container Vessel MV Santa Barbara

China Shipping Industry (Shanghai Changxing) Co., Ltd. completed the repair of MV Santa Barbara on October 22, 2011. The 20-year old container vessel MV Santa Barbara (L*B*D: 182.24m * 28.40m * 15.60m) entered the Shipyard on October 5, which belongs to a Germany shipping company.

The major repair items were as follows:

· 90-ton steel construction: the cutting & renewal of hatch covers, hatch coamings, fore peak tank, the cell guides & top side tank i.w.o 1-5 cargo holds and aft peak tank.

· Chemical Clean of 6 heaters & ME air cooler.

· The renewal of rudder, propeller seals, and bow thruster seals.

· Inspection of ER valves and renew of pipe lines.

· Chipping in FPT / TST 8000 m2, hydro blasting of hatch coaming, tank top of DBT.

The long-term project was the APT steel construction. The Project Department assigned a skillful work team to make out various plans according to the scope of the repair project. Finally, the owner decided to renewal the rusted steel in APT totally, about 30-ton steel construction. Since the space of APT was quite narrow, it brought great difficulty for the shipyard to do the renewal construction. With the joint effort from different departments, the project department arranged a reasonable working schedule, communicated with the shipowner effectively and organized enough workforce With only 10 days, the shipyard successful completed the steel project and caught the repair schedule on time.

During the repair period, the upper leaders of CIC Changxing Shipyard also went into APT, to inspect the safety, quality and progress of steel renewal.


Source: csgcic, October 31, 2011