China Wind Energy O&M Market to Hit USD 9.84 Bln by 2016

Global wind farm operations and maintenance (O&M) market size had increased progressively year after year during 2008-2013, attaining USD 7.35 billion in 2013, and is predicted to reach USD 9.84 billion in 2016, with China contributing USD 1.77 billion, or 18% of global market.

Europe, as the world’s largest wind farm O&M market and the first to develop such business, takes up more than 50% of global wind farm O&M market. In 2013, German wind farm O&M market equalled EUR 1.2 billion, or 44% of entire European market, followed by Spain (28%) and Britain (13%). The expansion of Western European wind farm O&M market will be propped up mainly by offshore wind farms in Germany, Britain and Italy; Poland will stand out from the emerging Eastern European wind farm O&M markets with significant growth.

Major Chinese Wind Farm O&M Companies

Longyuan Power, Goldwind, Ming Yang Wind Power, China Wind Power, United Power, EULIKIND, Xinjiang Jindaban Clean Energy, Gideon, Sharpower, EUM Wind Power Technologies Service (Beijing)

As China started wind farm construction on a large scale from 2009, most of wind turbines have come out of warranty from about 2012. The number of wind turbines coming out of warranty stood at 6,769 in 2013, and is expected to total 12,182 in 2014. A surge in the number of wind turbines out of warranty period will greatly promote the development of the Chinese wind farm O&M market, which saw an annual average growth rate of 142%, and is expected to be worth about USD 1.4 billion in 2014.

At present, competitors in the Chinese wind farm O&M market can be divided into three main types: wind turbine manufacturers, wind farm developers and third party O&M companies.

Xinjiang Goldwind Science & Technology Co., Ltd, a leader in China’s wind turbine manufacturing, set up a subsidiary- Tianyuan New Energy Technology Co., Ltd. that specializes in wind power services in 2005, and achieved revenue of RMB 240 million from wind farm O&M business in the first half of 2014. With regard to wind power developer and operator, large developers usually establish overhaul companies, like Beijing Century Concord Operation and Maintenance Wind Power Technology Co., Ltd. under China WindPower Group Limited. Due to technical barriers put by manufacturers, third-party O&M companies are small in China, only being responsible for maintenance of specific fields in the early stage, like Shenyang Gideon Wind Power Science & Technology Co., Ltd, which engages mainly in grounding grid engineering construction.

Global and China Wind Farm O&M Industry Report, 2014-2016 focuses on the following:

  • Market size, competitive landscape, cost analysis and development prospect of global wind farm O&M industry;
  • Development, market size, competitive landscape, cost analysis and development prospect of China’s wind farm O&M industry;
  • Operation and wind farm O&M business of 5 major global wind farm O&M companies (including Vestas, Gamesa, Suzlon, GE and Siemens);
  • Operation and wind farm O&M business of 10 major Chinese wind farm O&M companies (covering Goldwind, Ming Yang Wind Power, China Wind Power, Longyuan Power).
Press release; Image: siemens