Chopper intervenes for Orkney radar delivery

A 16-foot long radar piece of a new VTS (vessel traffic system) was transferred by helicopter from EMEC’s Billia Croo wave test site to the Black Craig, Orkney.

The Black Craig, which the European Marine Energy Center (EMEC) uses as an environmental observation point for its wave test site, stands at one of the highest points on the west mainland.

Due to difficulties in accessing the Black Craig and the size of the equipment, a helicopter was called in to carry the radar scanner to new location.

Stephen Foulkes, Orkney Islands Council’s Deputy Technical Superintendent for Marine Services, said: “This is the last piece of equipment that is required up at the site which is currently used by EMEC. During the process we have taken the opportunity to upgrade the building to make it more usable due to the sensitive nature of the new electronic equipment. This will now improve our radar coverage along the west side.”

According to Foulkes, the operation was conducted in collaboration with EMEC who also performed upgrades to its monitoring equipment.

Neil Kermode, Managing Director for EMEC said: “EMEC are delighted to support the installation of this vital piece of equipment which will greatly improve the safety of marine operations around Orkney and the Pentland Firth.”

Image: EMEC