Gallery: CIMC Raffles cuts first steel for Sinopec’s second jack-up

CIMC Raffles has, on July 16, 2015, cut first steel for Sinopec’s 90-meter jack-up at its Yantai shipyard in China. 

The basic design is completed by Sinopec Drilling Technology Research Institute while CIMC Raffles is responsible for detailed design, producing design and construction.

CIMC Raffles said that, with operating depth of 91.4 meters, drilling depth of 9,144 meters and amenities for 120 persons, the jack-up can be operated in 15 to 91.4 meter sea areas worldwide and is classed by CCS.

According to the company, it is the second large offshore drilling rig project since CIMC Raffles signed strategy cooperation agreement with Sinopec in 2012.

It is the 17th jack-up built by CIMC Raffles.