ClassNK optimising ship inspection with machine learning platform

The classification society ClassNK has selected ForePass, provider of the unified end-to-end platform that accelerates machine learning and analytics projects, to speed up ship inspections and prevent pollution of the marine environment.

As described, the ForePaaS platform aggregates, consolidates and centrally manages all the data needed to display and analyse information from individual vessels or branches more effectively.

The platform is expected to enable ClassNK to provide ship inspection and marine certification services faster on a global basis.

According to ForePaas, the platform provider partnered up with the consulting firm Mitsubishi Research Institute (MRI) to help ClassNK efficiently use the platform and perform daily data operations.

For its part, MRI implemented and deployed the project and delivered the tutorials and hands-on lessons to quickly get ClassNK operational. MRI also provides the needed support to the classification society.

The ForePaas platform is said to provide a ready-to-use development environment and foster extremely fast implementations of the most complex projects.

Other advantages include enabling ClassNK to operationalise its solutions almost immediately and add new data sources with ease, ForePaas explained.

“The ForePaaS platform is very well suited for agile development. Adding new data sources and creating new projects is quick and easy. We were able to implement several different requests of varying sizes and complexity in one day, which I found quite impressive”, said Fumitaka Kimura, chief specialist of Digital Transformation Center at ClassNK.

“Going forward, ClassNK wants to continue its collaboration with ForePaaS and plans to use the platform for other projects, including more advanced data analysis and machine learning”.

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