Clean Hydrogen Partnership issues €113.5M call for hydrogen projects

Clean Hydrogen Partnership has launched a new hydrogen research call for proposals where a total of €113.5 million will be made available through Horizon Europe for projects to cover R&I activities across the whole hydrogen value chain.

Furthermore, an additional €60 million, coming from the RePowerEU plan budget, will be used to support different activities for increasing the number of hydrogen valleys across Europe.

A total of 20 topics are part of the call for proposals, including five for renewable hydrogen production, five for hydrogen storage and distribution, four for transport and two for heat and power. In addition, two topics will support cross-cutting issues. The call also includes two hydrogen valley topics.

The topics are grouped into 11 research and innovation actions (RIA), eight innovation actions (IA) and one coordination and support action (CSA). Two of the innovation actions, on hydrogen valleys, are considered of strategic importance and are selected as flagship projects.

Synergies with other European partnerships and programs, as well as with member states and regional programs, are at the core of a number of topics, the partnership said.

Mirela Atanasiu, Executive Director, Clean Hydrogen Partnership, commented: “It is crucial that the Clean Hydrogen JU continues to support the development of innovative, cutting-edge projects that will help materialize the benefits of hydrogen technologies and help us to move forward towards the next generation of products.”

“We invite applications from partners across all EU and associated countries and we hope they will come with solutions that will bring us a step closer to a resilient and sustainable hydrogen economy.”

The applications will be received until April 17, 2024, via the EU Funding & Tenders Portal Electronic Submission System.

The partnership is also organizing an info day on January 26, 2024, to present all the call topics and rules for participation, evaluation and submission processes and other legal and financial aspects, including the new lump-sum cost model.