Colebrook Offshore Enters Irish Offshore Wind Deal

London-based Colebrook Offshore has established a partnership with the Irish Grimes Offshore Services (GOS) to offer comprehensive marine, offshore and consultancy services for the offshore wind market in Ireland.

Colebrook Offshore said it will offer support services to the renewable and offshore vessel markets, ranging from strategy and market approach to vessel contracting and operational support.

The partnership is said to integrate GOS’ local knowledge and expertise with Colebrook Offshore’s strategic approach to procurement and experience across the offshore sector.

According to the London-based company, the partnership represents a direct route to the offshore wind sector and a link to the network of businesses investing in the Irish market.

“We at Colebrook Offshore recognise the potential of Ireland and we are excited to be leading the way to market. Our collaboration with Grimes Offshore Services will open the doors to what is set to be one of the largest offshore wind markets in European waters,” said Tony Colebrook, Managing Partner at Colebrook Offshore.

Colebrook Offshore believes that Ireland’s position on the Atlantic offers highly favorable conditions for the generation of offshore wind energy, supported by its developed onshore facilities.

To remind, the Irish government approved a new scheme in July last year that will support renewable energy projects, including offshore wind, through a series of auctions, with the first competitive process scheduled to take place this year.