Photo: Image courtesy of Aker Arctic

Condensate tanker to serve Yamal LNG named in China

Finnish consultancy Aker Arctic said the Arc7 ice class condensate tanker Boris Sokolov has been named at the Guangzhou Shipyard International.

The vessel is a result of Aker Arctic’s investigation into options for year-round transportation of gas condensate, a liquid by-product from natural gas fields, in co-operation with Yamal LNG, the company said in a statement.

Following the development of the Aker ARC 212 Arctic condensate tanker concept, a design licensing agreement for the basic design and construction of the vessel was signed with the Chinese shipbuilder Guangzhou Shipyard International.

In the coming days, the Boris Sokolov will join Dynacom Tankers Management’s fleet and begin its voyage from China to the Arctic along the Northern Sea Route, Aker Arctic said.

The oil tanker will be used primarily to transport gas condensate from Yamal LNG terminal to customers in Europe and Asia.

Boris Sokolov is based on the Double Acting Ship (DAS) principle that allows tankers and cargo ships to operate independently without icebreaker assistance in challenging ice conditions.

When operating stern-first, the vessel can break up to 1.8 m thick ice in a continuous motion and penetrate ice ridges without backing and ramming. In moderate ice conditions and open water, the vessel sails normally in ahead direction.

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