CorPower nears completion of world’s largest wave energy test rig

CorPower Ocean is nearing completion of what is said to be the world’s largest wave energy test rig following a two-year project, the Swedish wave energy company reported on its social media.

CorPower nearing completion of world's largest wave energy test rig
Source: CorPower Ocean

The purpose of the dry testing is not only to test the overall performance of the system but also to debug, stabilize and fine-tune it before it goes into the ocean, CorPower Ocean said.

The 45-tonne moving mass system located in Stockholm is capable of simulating ocean wave conditions anywhere in the world.

Measuring 40 metres in length and 9 metres in width at 7.2 MW rating, the system will support CorPower’s HiWave-5 demonstration project.

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In collaboration with the Portuguese electricity company EDP, HiWave-5 will see CorPower’s first commercial-scale C4 Wave Energy Converter (WEC) deployed off the coast of Agucadoura, northern Portugal, later this year.

This will later form part of a larger four-system WEC array, and one of the world’s first active wave farms generating energy to the grid.